About Us



There is Beauty and Uniqueness in ourselves and everything that surrounds us, be natural or man made. Sometimes we tend to be oblivious and disregard to compliment and appreciate ourselves and our surroundings for many reasons. Education, Work, or Personal Responsibilities to name a few. In the midst of all this, we believe a good balance is needed. On one side we have the things that keep us away from appreciating ourselves and our surroundings and on the other side we have those means of complimentary and appreciation.

The effort can range from person to person, this could be a family gathering, good food at your favourite restaurant or a holiday to name a few.

We came up with the idea to start a clothing brand because we wanted to be a reminder to ourselves and our customers, we wanted to extract and express those beautiful and unique moments through clothing.



Butifique was Founded in 2023 in the UK by combining unique artistic expressions with the essence of Beauty to promote positive self esteem by exposing the Butifique moments through outfits.

We try our best to design our products in a way that says I am Beautiful, I am Unique and I promote positivity, I also care and I love myself. 

Butifique is not just a clothing brand it is a reminder to a balanced way of life.

Promote Beauty, Promote Uniqueness, Promote Positivity, Promote Butifique.